Class:             Types:

Unblooded    -  Celtic, Chopper, Scar


Young Blood  -  Brawler, Argonaut, Classic


Full Blooded   -  Claw, Stalker, Hunter


Elite Predator -  Wolf, Spartan, Dark


 Clan Leader   - Tracker, Falconer, Berserker 


 Adjudicator   -  Lord, Ancient

-Unblooded Predators are young members of society who haven’t killed their first Xenomorph. They are not brought on hunts, rather they are put through trials by Elite Predators and kill their first Xenomorph on the homeworld.

-Young Blood Predators are young adults of society who have killed Xenomorphs, but not a Queen. They are taken on hunts with other Young Bloods and an Elite Predator to teach them.

-Full Blooded Predators are full adults of society who have killed a Queen Xenomorph. They are paired in sets of 3 and send off on hunts by their Clan Leader.

-Elite Predators are middle-aged adults of society who have killed at least 3 Queen Xenomorphs. They are the final stage for most Yautjas. They train Unblooded and Young Blood Predators.

-Clan Leader Predators are senor adults of society who have killed an entire hive of Xenomorphs alone. They are too old and respected to go on hunts, however they set up homeworld hunts for the Elite Predators to train Unblooded with.

-Adjudicator Predators are eldest of society who have killed five hives alone and gained other Clan Leaders as followers through respect. They are too old and respected to go on hunts, and instead act as the administrators of law.

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